New Liturgical Work!

Last night I had the privilege of participating in the service in which the baptismal bowl I made was consecrated and used for the first time.  This was an unusual project for me, but I have long wanted to sculpt something that would be used by the church to enrich worship, and the opportunity to create something that would be used to baptize God’s people into his family was one I was eager to accept.  The bowl is cast bronze, 19 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches deep.  The limestone base was made by Hawkeye Glen, a local artisan.  It was commissioned by All Saints Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, and it stands in their newly finished worship space.


Art Hop

Be Warmed, Be Filled: Afghanistan (James 2:16) and Loss (Romans 12:15) were accepted into the 2015 Art Hop, a state-wide art competition in Georgetown, Texas. The show runs October 2nd through 31st, and the opening reception is October 4th. For more information go to Georgetown Art Hop

Be Warmed, Be Filled: Afghanistan (James 2:14-26) , bronze


















In the studio …

photo (1) (1)When I get a new idea for a sculpture I often make a clay sketch, or maquette, to experiment with the pose before beginning the larger piece.  This practice is helpful for a couple reasons.  First, it enables me to see the piece from every angle, making it easier to see where I might have a problem with composition or structure — for example, with this latest sketch I found that that weight of the upper body causes the figure to lean forward more than I intended, so I know that when I make the armature for the full size piece I will need to use a pipe to stabilize the pose.  Second, and in some ways most important for me, by making maquettes I can get my ideas into a more permanent form.  Rather than just making a sketch or description in a notebook I can work in clay immediately, when I am most excited about the idea.  I find that this really keeps my creativity active, even when I can’t be in the studio.

This maquette is the first stage of what will be a half-life size sculpture.  This piece will be a companion to Loss (shown in the banner image and on the portfolio page), which I completed last year.