In the studio …

photo (1) (1)When I get a new idea for a sculpture I often make a clay sketch, or maquette, to experiment with the pose before beginning the larger piece.  This practice is helpful for a couple reasons.  First, it enables me to see the piece from every angle, making it easier to see where I might have a problem with composition or structure — for example, with this latest sketch I found that that weight of the upper body causes the figure to lean forward more than I intended, so I know that when I make the armature for the full size piece I will need to use a pipe to stabilize the pose.  Second, and in some ways most important for me, by making maquettes I can get my ideas into a more permanent form.  Rather than just making a sketch or description in a notebook I can work in clay immediately, when I am most excited about the idea.  I find that this really keeps my creativity active, even when I can’t be in the studio.

This maquette is the first stage of what will be a half-life size sculpture.  This piece will be a companion to Loss (shown in the banner image and on the portfolio page), which I completed last year.


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